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Using the technology to design better buildings.

Our mission is to produce high quality fundamental and applied research that facilitates the design of resource-efficient and comfortable environments at the building and urban scale.

We use the latest tools and techniques to works simultaneously at different scales developing technologies and systems which are competitive and aim to have an impact in our built reality; thus, in this hands-on laboratory ideas are tested in the physical world.


The premise of our work is that a more informed design process will lead to better design choices and ultimately better performing buildings.


Learning innovation through the intelligence of nature.

We think about inspiration derived from nature. We use the biomimetic as a design strategy and we are constantly researching new materials and technologies inspired in natural systems to improve the performance of our buildings. In the most of cases, this method returns more effective structural systems and material with less consumption and environmental impact.


For us, the nature is the most experienced designer that will ever be.


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Using the technology to simulate the environment.

We use a wide range of tools and technologies to simulate the built and natural environments. Our goal is to change current architectural practice by developing, validating and testing design workflows and performance metrics that lead to improved design solutions as far as occupant comfort and building energy use are concerned.


Our work aims to expand the study of environmental simulation beyond its current bounds, examining the potentials of computational theories and techniques for understanding and enhancing the performance of  our buildings, techniques and materials.